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    Brandon Hay and Family             

    "They believe in me," said   Brandon. "I wouldn't be where        I am today without them."

    • Brandon Hay and Family
    • - Hay Lawn Care, LLC


    The Groundwork for a Successful Business


    Brandon Hay was 17 when he applied for a loan to purchase a lawn care business. Now, he employs up to 10 people during the busy seasons and has steadily grown 20-30 percent each year.

    Catholic Family Federal Credit Union has been with him every step of the way, financing new equipment and property - and giving sound advice when he needs it.

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  • Steward (Non-Profit)

Access Services

  • VISA® Check / CO-OP Network® ATM Card
  • CFFCU Bill Pay
  • CONNECT 24 Online Banking
  • Touch 'N Go 24 Audio Response Line
  • Direct Deposits / Direct Payments
  • Automatic Loan Payments & Deposits
  • Wire Transfers

Credit Services

  • VISA Credit Card
  • Business Loans

Deposit / Investment Services

Whether you need capital for startup, expansion or refinancing, we can help lay the groundwork for your success.
  • Savings & Money Market Plus
  • Short and Long Term Certificates
  • SEPs and IRAs

Insurance Services

  • Personal Coverages
  • Vehicle GAP & Warranty Coverages

Employee Services

  • Staff Presentations
  • Educational Seminars

Other Services

  • Tax Deposit Information, Notary Public, Consumer Information
  • Traveler's Checks, Cashier Checks