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Loan Rates

Effective October 15, 2018

Vehicle Loans

Visit CFFCU first and let us pre-qualify you for a vehicle loan.

A one year, $1,000 loan with an APR of 7% would require 12 monthly payments of $87.

All rates quoted as an annual percentage rate (APR). *Including discounts, rate floor is 3.75% APR.

APR Term
As low as 2.99% new 2018-2019 Up to 60 months
As low as 3.75% for used up to 36 months Other rates up to 84 months
APR Term
As low as 5.40% for 36 months Other rates up to 84 months
Recreational Vehicle
APR Term
As low as 7% for 36 months Other rates up to 84 months


Now Get Credit Union Auto Financing Right at the Dealership!
Seven days a week, including holidays, Catholic Family Federal Credit Union can approve your new or used auto loan while you are at the dealership, and without visiting your credit union branch. It’s almost like having a loan officer right at the dealership with you!


Make your personal vehicle purchase worry-free by adding CFFCU's extended warranty. Choose from three different levels of coverage and protect yourself from expensive auto repairs.

A vehicle used for business, but titled personally, is eligible for coverage.

Real Estate Loans

1st Mortgage Purchase Money for Primary Residence

Call a loan officer for information


1st Mortgage Refinance
$10,000 Minimum New Money Borrowed / Up to 80% of Value
APR Term Application Fee
4.250% Up to 60 months  
4.500% Up to 84 months  
5.750% Up to 120 months  
6.500% Up to 180 months  
2nd Mortgage / Home Equity
$2,500 Min. New Money Borrowed
≤ 80% of value ≤ 90% of value Term
5% 5.5% 36 months
5.25% 5.75% 60 months
5.5% 6% 84 months
5.75% 6.5% 120 months

Balloon -‚Äč
$10,000 Min. new Money Borrowed/ Up to 80% LTV         

4.00%   36 months
4.40%   60 months
Home Equity Line of Credit
$5,000 Minimum Limit - Floor Rate of 5.25% APR
Minimum monthly payment of $50.00 or 1.500% of the current balance  
Wall Street Journal* Prime + 1.00 Up to 80% value
Wall Street Journal* Prime + 1.50 Up to 90% value
  *See Credit Union for Details
VISA® Credit Card
Interest Rates  
9.9% APR  
13.8% APR  
15.96% APR  
18% APR  
Savings Secured Loan
APR Terms
Savings rate plus 3.25% APR. Subject to a variable rate. Up to 120 months
Certificate Secured Loan
APR Terms
Certificate rate plus 3.25% APR. Subject to a variable rate. Up to 120 months
Signature Loan
APR Terms  
As Low As 10% Other rates up to 60 months   
Credit Builder Loan
APR Terms
Certificate rate plus 7% APR. 6 to 60 months available

Each loan or VISA request is reviewed on individual qualifications, which may increase the published rate. Credit Life Insurance and Credit Disability Insurance are available on Member Loans and VISA.