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Wire Transfers


Wire transfers allow members to send funds electronically, almost anywhere in the world, to another financial institution. Send money to the kids at college, to a traveling friend in an emergency or to yourself if you run out of funds on a business trip.

Incoming wiring instructions are at the bottom of this page.

For outgoing US wires we will need the complete wiring information from the other institution. 
    Name of institution
    ABA or routing number 

    Account number
    Name of person/business receiving funds


Wiring Information

All European cross-border wire transfers will be required to include a Bank Identifier Code (BIC) and an IBAN to identify a beneficiary account. The IBAN plays a part in each step of the transaction process. The beneficiary’s financial institution provides the IBAN and BIC to the beneficiary. The beneficiary forwards that information to the person sending the payment, who in turn gives it to their financial institution. The financial institution forwarding the credit transfer double checks the IBAN and BIC before sending the cross-border credit transfer. Finally, upon receipt of the order, the beneficiary’s account is credited. Utilizing the IBAN reduces the number of potential delays and errors when making international payments.

Countries requiring a BIC and IBAN:
Andorra Lithuania
Austria Luxembourg
Belgium Macedonia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Malta
Croatia Monaco
Cyprus Netherlands
Czech Republic Norway
Denmark (including Faroe Islands and Greenland) Poland
Estonia Portugal
Finland Romania
France San Marino
Germany Serbia and Montenegro
Gibraltar Slovak Republic
Greece Slovenia
Hungary Spain
Iceland Sweden
Ireland Switzerland
Italy Tunisia
Latvia Turkey
Liechtenstein United Kingdom

For all other international wires we require:

  • The name of the institution
    • Address
    • a Telex, Swift, or Sort number
  • Beneficiary's name
    • Account number
    • Physical address

If you are not listed on the account we are transferring to, we require a written authorization to transfer funds to that account.

Incoming Wiring Instructions

Wire to:
Millennium Corporate Credit Union, Wichita, Kansas
ABA# 301 180 111
For credit to: Catholic Family Federal Credit Union, Wichita, Kansas
Account# 301 180 182

For final credit to the member’s name and account number.

There is a fee for all incoming and outgoing wire transfers. Please visit with a Member Services Representative at 1-800-264-9163 and press "2" for more information.